The story of Us.
Our story dates back to 1000 years ago when our grandparents settled in Hager parish in Muusika village.
In 1882, they managed to buy a farm from the landowners and Hans Grünberg,  the grandfather of Meelis's grandfather, was the buyer.
All of Meelis's childhood summers were spent in the Music village. When walking in the woods with his father, knowing every path and place, that knowledge and love of nature gets to the heart all.
From ​​Merle's idea, came the wooden bench / side table , giving the interior a close fealing of color and nature, wood heat and smell.
It was followed soon by orders, which pleased us even more.
Flower boxes were also added that differ in their material selection and design in order to offer a more bolder style than traditional ones.

We created the brand '' Maison `a Vendre '' to carry out our ideas.

Valuing the wood and creating personalized products that hat have a long history of home improvement are a great asset and a driving force.
We believe that Every tree has its own story ....
Merle and Meelis