MAV Solutions is a family owned company founded in 2017.

Why are you ask?
Because their hands are constantly itching and the trees are left intact. :)
Who are we?
Meelis, who has been working with wood and does not want to do anything else. ..
We want to make your own work and introduce it to you.
The idea behind flower arrangements was that when we vistied the gardening shop, it often felt like starting or doing it ourown special products.
Wood is fashionable ?
Certainly, and it has always been. Wooden products are by no means in vain. The heat, the smell and the nature of the wood have always attracted the people, and so our hands were filled with colorful log benchis /side tables
Something else ?
Certainly! When it comes, it can not stop coming ...
We want to find unique and cool collaborators who would like to create spaces that are more prominent and more natural.
        Meelis Sildvee